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Miami Beach Pub Crawl FAQs

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Questions About How it Works:

What makes the Miami Pregame Pub Crawl unique?

miami-bar-crawl-106 The Miami Pregame Pub Crawl began as a nightclub hosting service, and the bars were just a little something extra we started offering to those that wanted it. Much to our surprise, the bar crawl quickly became more popular than just nightclub hosting on its own! Now the Miami Pregame Pub Crawl is a full, two-part evening of entertainment. We take people on a short pub crawl for all the inexpensive drinks they could want, and then bring them to an awesome nightclub where they can dance the night away. We always bring our guests to the best nightclub available to us that night, and then select the bars in accordance.

How exactly does the pub crawl process work?

All crawlers receive an email the week before the event which contains the starting location and directions for the night. At the starting location we all gather, introduce ourselves and put our drinking caps on. Your pub crawl leader will be at the registration location early, so that he/she can check everybody in and give out wristbands. The bars will recognize people in our group by the identifying wristbands we give out. Later in the night, the wristband is also how the nightclubs know who belongs with our group.

Do you pick us up? Do we walk from bar to bar?

miami-bar-crawl-105 Generally speaking the Miami Pregame Pub Crawl is a walking tour. We all gather at an initial location on our own and stroll from bar to bar together after that. If necessary, such as when we’ve seen that the best club for the night is unexpectedly far from central South Beach, or if we get stuck in a never-ending downpour, we may offer to provide transportation. That’s a rare occurrence, however. Miami Beach has phenomenally nice weather, so it’s a beautiful place for a walk in the evening.

How many South Beach bars and Nightclubs do we visit on the crawl per night? How long are we at each Miami hotspot?

Every night the Pregame Miami Beach Nightclub and Pub Crawl goes to four awesome South Beach bars before the hottest Florida Nightclub! We spend around an hour partying at each Miami bar enjoying great drink specials, and then move on to the next South Beach hotspot such as Liquor Lounge or Tequila Chica’s. Finally, after the fourth South Beach bar, we all crawl together to our final party destination: a premier, Miami Beach nightclub like Cameo, Mansion, Set, Nikki Beach, Bamboo, Liv, Club Space, or Mokai

What happens at the end of the night?

At the end of the night we have a whole team of clubbers dancing their hearts out! Everybody is free to leave the final nightclub at their own convenience. Some crawlers stay until last call, which on Miami Beach is 5am, and some prefer to leave earlier. Your crawl leader will stay until at least 1am to make sure everybody has settled in. We do our best not to let anybody leave who hasn’t had the time of their lives!

Will I have to pay to get into the night club? Will I have to wait?

No, you absolutely won’t. Nightclub admission is a part of your crawl ticket, and your guide will be communicating with the club so that they’re expecting us and facilitating our admission. Depending on the size of our group, it still may take a minute for everybody to get their ID’s checked and get their tickets to get in, but we never wait for arbitrary reasons.

How big are the pub crawls?

miami-bar-crawl-101 On average our crawls are between 40 and 60 people. We like that number, it’s not too big to manage but also big enough to feel like a real event.

Do you provide food?

Miami Bar Crawl does not provide food, but everybody will have an opportunity to eat. At the beginning of the pub crawl your leader will let you know what type of food each bar serves, and let people decide on their own from there. We find that people very often are hungry at 7pm, and so we schedule the bars with the best food between 7 and 8pm.

Questions about Where We Go

What club are we going to, specifically?

This is an understandable, but problematic question. It’s hard to answer directly, because no nightclub likes to confirm a big reservation like this until they have an idea of what their demand is going to look like. Basically, although we have a general idea of where we’re going, we don’t know for sure until around a week in advance. However, we can say that on Saturdays this year we’ve found that our crawlers like Mansion the best, and have visited them the majority of the time. Weekdays are a little more of a mixed bag. Feel free to contact us with the date you’re interested in, and we’ll tell you what we’re planning. Also, if your party is interested in a particular South Beach nightclub, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to get you there.

What bars are we going to?

miami-bar-crawl-109 We plan our crawls around the nightclub first. We always take our crawlers to the best club we can on that particular night. However, for the reasons listed above, we won’t always know in advance which that will be. We always have an array of bars ready to go, but we don’t finalize the route until we have the club taken care of.

Where do we start?

Where we start depends on which bar crawl route we’re taking for the night, and that depends on which club we’re attending at the end. We always send an email to all our crawlers as soon as the nightclubs give us their confirmation. That email message includes our starting location, directions, and general guidelines.

I’m not familiar with Miami Beach. Is it easy to find the meeting location?

All of our meeting places are in busy, easy to find areas near major intersections. Feel free to keep in touch with us so we can help you find your way. On a crawl night the fastest way to get in touch is via text message to 786.567.8308.

Can I go back to bars we’ve already been to?

Yes, our bars are always happy to see a crawler come back. Hold onto your wristband, thus far they’ve always honored the same drink specials we had earlier in the night.

Questions about When We Go

What time do we start?

Our crawls start at 7pm. Once in awhile we’ll start at a different time, but we’ll make sure everybody knows for sure when we do.

Do I have to start right at 7pm?

No, you’re totally welcome to join the group later, although you’ll be missing out on some of the fun. However, if you arrive after our final walk-in at the nightclub we may not be able to help you anymore.

So how late can I join then?

miami-bar-crawl-104 You can join the crawl at any point before our final walk-in to the featured Miami Beach Nightclub, which is generally between 11pm and 12am. We are sometimes later, but never earlier. If you want to join a bar crawl that’s currently on the move, feel free to send us a text message at 786.567.8308. We’ll give you our location and work something out.

What if I leave the crawl, and arrive late to the nightclub?

That won’t work. The nightclub gives us one walk-in per night, and we all enter the club together as a group. So we do our best to stick together. If you do end up slipping off for awhile, be careful about coming back late! Always get back with the group by 11pm.

Questions about our Guidelines and Restrictions

Also, you can check our restrictions page.

Is there a dress code?

Yes there is. It’s not our preference, but our South Beach nightclubs insist on it. To be perfectly safe the men should wear dress shoes, jeans, and a collared shirt. Exceptions are frequently made, but that’s on a case-by-case basis and up to the security team running the nightclub. If you aren’t in dress code, we’ll try our best for you but can’t guarantee your admission. Also, women have to wear heels. Miami Beach nightclubs are strict about women wearing heels.

What? Heels? Really?

Yes, unfortunately this is something Miami nightclubs have strong feelings about. We know it’s inconvenient, and we plan our crawl accordingly to minimize the walk. Please do your best to be in dress code.

Why do men’s tickets cost more? What if we’re a large group of guys only?

miami-bar-crawl-111 The final stop on a Pregame Pub Crawl is a Miami Beach nightclub, and they unfortunately have restrictions on how many extra men they let through their doors. We have excellent relationships with our night clubs. We often bypass crazy lines and get out of paying some shocking cover charges, but we aren’t permitted to bring in a large number of men without a comparable number of women to balance things out. So, unfortunately, we have to track how much space is available per crawl for men. If we’re overbooked on the male side, we may not be able to accommodate you. This is why we charge a little extra for individual male tickets. We suggest buying a couples ticket whenever possible. We don’t care if you’re a couple or not, it’s just one method we use to keep our numbers even. If you are planning something for a group of men please contact us in advance, because we hate leaving people behind, and will try our best to fit you in. You can use this contact form.

What is the maximum number of people per crawl? Is it possible to be turned away?

Our target maximum is around 80 to 90 crawlers. If we have more people than that we start to seriously overload our bars, and it becomes difficult for anybody to get the bartender’s attention. It also becomes a lot harder to travel from place to place. With 100 people it can take 15 minutes to walk 1 block. Fortunately, we can be very flexible with our limits, and although we might recommend attending the next day, we have so far never turned somebody away entirely due to being overbooked.

Do I *have* to be 21?

Yes, unfortunately the law prevents us from hosting persons under 21 years old. Relax, you’ll be 21 before you know it and we’ll still be here!

I’m from a foreign country. Will the bars and clubs recognize my driver’s license?

It’s a big world out there, and club security guards can’t always know how to properly identify all the different types of licenses. They generally have a good overview of the most common ones, but if you think that they might have any reason to doubt it’s much safer to have your passport. It’s up to you, but if a security guard doesn’t think you have an acceptable ID there’s nothing we can do to change their minds.

Are there any other crazy nightclub restrictions we should know about?

Actually, yes! Major Miami Beach clubs don’t allow people to bring “professional cameras” into the nightclub. This generally means that if you can fit your camera in your pocket or purse then it’s ok, but if it’s around your neck on a strap they won’t let you take it in!

Questions about Discounts, Promos, and Special Crawls:

It’s my birthday! Anything special you can do for me?

We take birthday parties very seriously on the Miami Pregame Pub Crawl. We absolutely guarantee that we’ll show the birthday boy or girl an amazing time, and they will get far more than their fair share of attention, drinks, and FUN. Furthermore, we offer a free ticket for birthday crawlers! We do ask that you bring a few of your friends to qualify, and you can read all about it here. So come celebrate with us, and we’ll kick off the next year of your life with a bang!

I’m arranging a bachelorette crawl!

miami-bar-crawl-112 Same as with a birthday, we offer a free ticket for soon-to-be-brides who can round up a few of their friends. Are you celebrating a different kind of party? Ask us about it; we can apply the same promotion to almost any kind of party or special occasion. You can contact us here.

What if I want to do the Miami Pregame Pub Crawl, but only with my group of friends, and no outsiders?

That’s no problem at all. We would suggest putting together at least 15-20 people, but that’s not currently a requirement. With a smaller group you would have to pay extra attention to the number of men and women in the party, as these things are easier to see when there’s fewer people in the group. Please use our contact form to determine what dates we have available and we’ll do our best to accommodate your party.

Can you put together a private bar crawl that goes somewhere else?

Yes, private groups are one of our specialties! We can handle corporate getaways, family reunions, birthday parties, bachelor parties, or a private party for any other occasion. Additionally, for a private party we can tailor the evening to more unique specifications. We can look into doing live music crawls, mixology crawls, rooftop lounge crawls, day-drinking crawls or any other format you can imagine. Use our contact form to get in touch with us and we’ll get started with some suggestions.

Questions about Tickets, Scheduling, and Cancellations

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes, for online ticket sales, cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.  Use our contact form to get in touch with us.

What if I want to do the Pregame Pub Crawl on a date that isn’t on the calendar?

If you let us know in advance we’d be happy to do a Pregame Pub Crawl for you on any day you like. However, we do schedule our crawls with the intention that they’ll all be busy, because we find people enjoy the experience more if they can party with a group. If we add a date for you, especially if it’s on a weekday, it’s possible that other people won’t sign up. If it’s a commonly requested day, we’ll add it to our official calendar, but if it’s not we would offer to do the crawl for your group alone. If you don’t mind partying with a smaller group then we don’t mind taking you out! Use our contact form to get the ball rolling.

I have a large group, can you still accommodate us?

Yes, we’re accustomed to handling groups of up to 100 crawlers. However, if you have a large group, please communicate with us in advance using our contact page, so we can make sure to have space available for you.

Can I switch my ticket to a different date?

That’s no problem! Just go ahead and send us an email using our contact form and we’d be happy to have you along on any other of our scheduled crawls. You can check out the calendar to see when we have available dates and then let us know which you prefer.

I had a great time! How can I thank you?

This is always the best thing for us to hear.  If you want to thank us, leave us a review on our Yelp Page. Also please like us on Facebook, check back often for our updates and photos! Check our photos and tag yourself if you pop up! Finally, if you prefer, you can leave a testimonial here on our main website.

What if I’m Unhappy on my Miami nightclub tour?

In that case, we would offer you a full and immediate refund! – but this has never happened so far. It is our #1 goal to show you a good time during your South Beach Pub and Club Crawl and if we were to fail to achieve that goal then we would return your money.

Will I be expected to tip my club crawl leader?

Nope! We don’t even accept tips! You’re experience partying on South Beach should be free of hidden charges, and that won’t change on our South Beach Party Crawl. If you have a great time, please tell your friends about Miami Pregame Pub Crawl!

I Have Another Question!

Please use the Contact Form to get in touch and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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