Ocean Dr – Tequila Chicas

Tequila Chica’s is such a great bar because it’s a big venue that has a lot of space to spread out and socialize. This bar has an awesome, comfortable patio outside that’s filled with couches, swinging chairs, big projector screens and even a fountain in the middle. The patio is great for socializing and sitting down for a break. Inside, however, things are a little more energetic. Loud music and a smaller area make the inside of Tequila Chicas the preferred spot for crawlers who want to get a little wild.

Additionally, and as you might expect, Tequila Chicas offers an excellent array of tequilas, margaritas, and some very excellent southwest/Mexican style food. Like all the bars we work with in Miami, Tequila Chicas always accommodates us with excellent drink specials, and they always make sure to play the hottest music for our young, party oriented crowds.

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