Studio Bar and Grill Miami

Formerly known as Austen’s Bar and Grill, Studio is a large, friendly restaurant with plenty of bar space for a large group like ours. Studio is two different bars depending on what time of day you’re visiting. During the day, Studio is a restaurant and sports bar. Late at night, however, Studio is one of the best karaoke bars in town. They’ve invested in a stage, a light system, and a large number of monitors so that anybody brave enough to try their hand on the microphone will feel like a star.

Depending on which route we’re using, our crawls have visited Studio both earlier in the evening for the restaurant, and later at night for the party. Additionally, Studio is one of our go-to spots for getting everybody fed, both because their food is excellent at an excellent price, and they actually have a big enough facility to accommodate the needs of a large group in a timely manner. Their central location and the versatility of venue make Studio a lynchpin in many of our crawls.

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