Playwright Irish Pub

Playwright is a huge, centrally located Irish style bar on Washington Avenue. The bar is right next to Mansion nightclub, one of our favorite ending points on the Pregame Pub Crawl, so we find ourselves at this bar fairly often. The bar is shaped like a big oval, which is divided in half to serve two different rooms. When the bar is busy, like on the weekend, both rooms are open, but on weeknights sometimes it’s only the one.

Earlier in evening music is customer controlled from a standard bar jukebox, but later in the evening Playwright generally hires a DJ to entertain their energetic clientele. Due to its location near a major nightclub, Playwright often gets business from people on the way in or out of the club. It’s really a great place to warm up beforehand, or cool down afterward. The staff at playwright is fast to serve and always very friendly to us, and before 11pm they serve some excellent Irish Pub style bar food.

This is a popular bar for locals to catch football games, and they occasionally show some of the more demanded UFC fights as well. You can see their menu, their specials for the week, and see the rest of their information at their website.

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