Lost Weekend / Kill Your Idol

In our experience Lost Weekend looks to be the most popular bar for young people in South Beach. It’s usually not that busy in the afternoon; there might be some people relaxing there during happy hour, but as the day ends people from all over the island come out to drink and see their friends. This bar is excellent because there is always a great song playing and crowd of people enjoying the atmosphere with you. The music is always upbeat and fun, but not the usual top 40 songs you hear in every bar.

Lost Weekend is connected on the inside to another bar next door: Kill Your Idol. Kill Your Idol is dimly lit and a little bit edgier than Lost Weekend. They generally play more alternative music or, on the weekends, feature a live band. Kill Your Idol is covered with weird collectibles, figurines, and paraphernalia, and it’s always fun to look around and see something unusual that you had missed the last time. Here’s a hilarious excerpt from their website: “The main attraction is the life-size statue of Bruce Lee, which sticks out from the ceiling. Next to the karate man, above the bar, rests a Jaws head.” Unpretentious indeed. Lost Weekend also has the best Ladies Night in town. Every Wednesday after dark the bar is packed with girls enjoying free drinks and the guys chasing after them, making it one of the best non-club weeknight spots in town.

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