Ocean Dr – Finnegan’s Way

Another famous Lincoln Road destination, Finnegan’s Way is a little less frou frou and a little more rock-n-roll. On a street filled with fancy hotel bars and expensive restaurants it’s a definite relief to see a big, homey Irish Pub. The music here is always customer-controlled from a jukebox, and they have a pool table, and a shuffleboard table for the gamers.

Our favorite part of Finnegan’s Way are the enormous, throne-like chairs around the pool table, so that’s our favorite place to hang out while we’re there. They serve Irish Pub style food, which our crawlers have enjoyed greatly in the past. Their location puts them right between some of our more common nightclub and bar destinations, so Finnegan’s Way is often a welcome link that ties our crawls together. Their happy hour is from 4pm – 7pm, Monday through Friday, and you can see their menu and their other specials here on their website.

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