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South Beach Bar Guide

The Miami Pregame Pub Crawl works with many the hottest clubs in South Beach. As you know, the final stop on any Pregame Pub Crawl is a premier nightclub. We always plan our nightclub schedule based on which clubs are open, what special events are in town, and most importantly, which club will treat our crawlers the best. All of our crawlers are are guaranteed to never pay a cover charge, and to never wait in the general admission line. Listed here are some of our favorite South Beach clubs.

Miami Beach is the type of place where people like to drink. Hopefully that doesn’t come as a big surprise to anybody. As a result, there are a lot of bars in this city. The Miami Pregame Pub Crawl works with quite a few partner bars, but each night we only take our crawlers to four bars before we end the night at a major nightclub. Which bars we choose depends on several factors, such as which bars are currently offering the best specials, which bars are nearest to our final nightclub for the night, and which bars we think our crawlers will enjoy the most. The bars we’ve listed here aren’t the hidden, exclusive hotel hideaways, the semi-nightclubby lounges, or even the restaurant bars with the creative specialty drink menus. We’ve listed the bars here that are big and comfortable for a large group of liquor-oriented crawlers. We’ll never be able to get to every bar in one night, but here’s a list of our favorite South Beach Bars to work with!

Ocean Drive is the most famous, iconic part of Miami Beach. If you’ve ever watched television shows that are prominently set in Miami, such as Burn Notice or Dexter, then you’ve seen countless clips of Ocean Drive at night. A long row of hotels, restaurants, and nightlife destinations run up against the ocean for the southernmost 15 blocks of Miami beach. All the hotels are built in the art deco style that Miami Beach is famous for, and at night they’re illuminated with an array of colored lights. It’s really quite a sight. On top of all that, every building on Ocean drive has an outdoor patio on the sidewalk, facing the beach, and that’s what gives the street the vibrant ambiance it’s so famous for. Listed here are the bars that we think are the best bars on Ocean Drive.

Lincoln Road is the Miami Beach version of a shopping mall. It’s really less of a road, and more of a pedestrian walkway that stretches all the way from one side of Miami Beach to the other. The whole way is all restaurants, bars, and shops of every kind. There’s even a theater on the northern end! Every restaurant and bar on Lincoln road has an enormous outdoor seating area, making most of them bigger on the outside than on the inside. The popularity of this street makes these outdoor areas some of the best places to sit down and enjoy a little people-watching. Some of the most popular restaurants in South Beach are on Lincoln Road, but they have some excellent bars as well. Several of our favorite places are located on Lincoln Road, and our bar crawl occasionally takes us directly through the heart of this busy icon of the Miami Beach lifestyle. Listed here are some of our favorite bars on Lincoln Road.

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