The Pregame Pub Crawl Guarantee

We think it’s fair to say that anybody interested in a pub crawl is hoping for the biggest, best event they can find. A busier crawl means more energy, more new friends, and a better experience for everybody. We feel the Pregame Pub Crawl is best when we have 40-50 crawlers along, and we do our best not to schedule too many crawls so that we can keep attendance as high as possible. Occasionally, however, things don’t go as we expect. Sometimes a date isn’t as busy as we predicted, or sometimes we have an unusual number of cancellations. Smaller groups can be a ton of fun, but we know it’s not what you’re hoping for. With that in mind, this is the Pregame Pub Crawl Guarantee:

  • First: If you sign up for a crawl date, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be as busy as we expected, we will always let you know in advance. Pregame Pub Crawl tickets are fully transferable, and if you prefer a different date we’re happy to accommodate you.
  • Second: We will always run the crawl for the people that want to party, no matter how small the group. In fact, these nights have been some of our favorites. We all have a chance to really get to know each other, and often go off-route looking for fun things to do together.
  • Third: Anytime we end up with a crawl that has fewer than 20 people in attendance, we give every person on the crawl a free ticket. Even though smaller groups can be fun, we want everybody to have a chance to see what a standard Pregame Pub Crawl is really all about.

So that’s it! We do what we do because we like to show people a good time, make them happy, and give them an easier time at nightlife than Miami Beach normally has to offer. If at any time there’s anything else we can do to make our crawls more fun for you please let us know using our contact form.

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