Private Pub Crawl

Are you interested in a private bar crawl for an exclusive group? There are many reasons clients ask us for a private crawl. Sometimes people aren’t interested in the popular nightclubs, and want to do something different. Sometimes people want to see a sampling of the beautiful hotel bars in South Beach, and aren’t concerned with saving money before hitting a nightclub. More often however, people are interested in private crawls because they have an occasion to celebrate together without getting involved with a crowd of rowdy outsiders.

miami-bar-crawl-109 This is ideal for corporate mixers, tour groups, family getaways, or any group that just wants to focus on each other. Whatever the reason, we are happy to put together a crawl just for you. Additionally, many more amazing bars and venues are available to smaller, private groups, because the large size of a usual Pregame Pub Crawl prevents us from visiting some smaller spots. Contact us to talk about your preferences, as we can schedule lounge tours, beach-view bar tours, mixology tours, day-drinking tours, or any other themed tour you can imagine. When it comes to bars, we’re experts, so if it’s available in Miami Beach, we’ll know where to find it.

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