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Birthday Pub Crawl

We love birthdays. It’s a great opportunity to for us to really have a lot of fun with our work. We promise that birthday partiers will get lots of attention, a few drinks on the house, and have an awesome time. We’re also happy to say that we have a birthday special! If you’re planning a birthday party, and you can get together at least three friends to celebrate with you, we’ll give you your ticket for free. So come let us celebrate the start of another year of life, it’s something we love to do and we’re excited to do it every time. To sign up just drop us a line and we’ll set you up with your reservation.

Bachelorette Pub Crawl

miami-bar-crawl-113 Bachelorette parties are every bit as important as birthday parties, after all, you don’t get nearly as many of them!  We offer the same deal as birthday parties for the soon-to-be married:  sign up with at least three other people and we’ll give you your ticket for free.  We regret to neglect the men, but unfortunately we have limitations that force us to keep an eye on how many men we bring along, and bachelor parties can sometimes be difficult to work into a usual weekend.  You can read all about that on our restrictions page.  If you’re interested in a bachelor party contact us first, as early as possible, so we can try to work it out for you. We can also arrange custom bachelor parties: ask us about strip clubs, craft beer crawls, and more!

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