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About Miami Club Crawl

Why Miami Beach?

Miami Beach is one of the most exclusive, beautiful, cosmopolitan, and active cities in the country, and as such has a wealth of experiences to offer its visitors. The weather is exceptional, and it’s arguably the most comfortable place in the United States. The entire city is built along, and named after an enormous public beach, which is fastidiously maintained to keep it beautiful and welcoming. Miami Beach is such a mecca of incredible restaurants, hotels, spas, and recreational activities that it would takes years (and probably a small fortune) to explore them all.

miami-bar-crawl-106 The people in South Beach are also exceptional. Miami is such a crossroads that the crowd here is always a blend of American, Latin, and European cultures. As a whole people in South Beach talk differently, dance differently, and party differently from anywhere else on earth.

Furthermore, somehow people down here manage to be exceptionally beautiful, making socializing and people watching an absolute treat. Most relevant to an interested pub crawler though is South Beach’s reputation for nightlife. For decades this city has been an icon of the nightclub, fashion and party cultures, and therefore has some of the most exciting bars and clubs on Earth.

The Best Part? Miami Beach Nightclubs!

miami-bar-crawl-113 The most exciting thing about the Miami Pregame Pub Crawl is that the whole group ends the night at a premier Miami Beach nightclub! South Beach is famous around the world for its nightclub scene, and with good reason: clubs on the beach are always full of gorgeous people who know how to party like professionals.

Additionally, the the vibe inside a Miami nightclub is totally unique. People in Miami Beach tend to prefer a certain blend of music that is hard to find elsewhere in the U.S. Folks out here like a certain blend of tech-house electronic and top 40 mixes, and everything always comes with a little hint of the Latin rhythm.

South Beach nightlife enthusiasts also like their clubs to come with a heavy side of visual entertainment. Major nightclubs in Miami are spectacles of the first degree, and you can expect to see dazzling light shows and provocative performances by all manner of entertainers. Parties in Miami don’t get started until late in the evening, and clubs in Miami often aren’t even open until near midnight. That’s not generally a problem though, because people in South Beach aren’t bothered at all by staying up all night and into the following afternoon, partying hard the entire time.

Ultimately, however, the most special thing about the nightlife in Miami are the people you’ll find here. Everything noteworthy about the South Beach scene is a result of the cosmopolitan nature of its people. Nightlife in Miami is special because it’s born from the shared tastes of so many different peoples and cultures, and there’s nowhere else that can ever quite duplicate that spark.

So why Miami Pregame Pub Crawl?

miami-bar-crawl-112 Yes, Miami Beach nightclubs are incredible, and famous for it, and they’re something any lover of nightlife would be thrilled to see, but unfortunately it’s not always that easy. When it comes right down to it, clubs in South Beach tend to be intimidating, and sometimes outright unwelcoming to the average person. Miami Beach is a small, wealthy community, and there’s always demand for parties and nightclubs, and so night clubs can afford to be selective in who they invite inside.

These clubs are also very expensive, and justifiably so considering that they’re busy every weekend. However, these are barriers that make it hard for an average person to see what the nightlife scene out here is all about. The Miami Pregame Pub Crawl exists to make the process easy for you.

We handle your nightclub reservations, and we take care of your admission at the entrance. All you have to do is show an ID (and be in dress code) and walk right in. We visit four bars first, so that our guests can walk around and see the city, and can get to know some of their fellow clubbers before it gets too loud to really talk.

It’s also a good opportunity to have a few warmup drinks before jumping in and really starting the party. We’re also proud to be able to offer special discounts for our crawlers at every one of the four pregame bars. So the Miami Pregame Pub Crawl is a special opportunity to meet people and party with new friends, even in a new city where you feel like a stranger. It’s a chance to see a small slice of all the variety that Miami Beach has to offer, and a chance to really get a great value for what you spend.

We want to take all the work out of going out and having an awesome night in Miami Beach. Come crawl with us, and see how easy it can be to have a great night on the town!

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