Nikki Beach

Club Nikki is an enormous hit with all of our clients. The club is a sprawling nightlife complex, with two stories, two dance floors, an extensive second floor balcony, and several different outside areas. To give you an idea, the whole place as a total of NINE bars! However, despite its size and popularity, Nikki Beach is still the most casual club in Miami. Unlike just about every major nightclub, most seating in Nikki Beach is open to the public. Furthermore, the drinks, while still pricey, are less atrociously expensive than other Miami Nightclubs.

The upper story is a traditional nightclub, with a top 40 format, while downstairs caters to fans of the standard rhythmic, Miami electronic vibe. Nikki Beach is such a hit because it offers something for everyone, as even the least club-oriented of patrons can sit down and be comfortable outside in the sand. Nikki Beach’s big night is Sunday – that being the only night when the whole complex is open.

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