Mokai Nightclub

For a Miami nightclub it’s very valuable to have beautiful people in their clubs, and nowhere is this more apparent than Club Mokai. Every time I bring crawlers to Mokai they are amazed by how attractive the other people are, and although this might make Mokai sound like a uppity place to be, nothing could be further from the truth. Mokai is a smaller club that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

They still have a dress code, and a strict door policy, but the décor inside full of humor and lightness. The last time I took crawlers to Mokai they had placed a fluffy stuffed dog toy in a large cage right on the dance floor, just for fun. Mokai Nightclub has a great outdoor patio, an awesome addition to any club, as it allows people to get away from the bustle and take a break. Club Mokai also plays some of the best music I’ve heard in Miami. Whether they’re doing hip-hop or electronic Mokai’s DJ’s are always playing something new.

Incidentally, they also have gogo cages hanging around the room for lady patrons to utilize, if they wish.

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