Club Space – Miami

Miami’s Club Space is an icon of the nightlife industry. Miami locals talk about other nightclubs like they’re in a different category from Club Space. Located in the heart of the Miami downtown entertainment district, Space Nightclub is a venue for the true, die-hard, club maniacs. A key feature of the Downtown Miami district is that they have NO LAST CALL. Music to the ears, right? When every other nightclub in South Beach is closing at 5am, Club Space is just hitting its peak.

In fact, Club Space is notorious for remaining open, and busy, all night and until the next afternoon. Some Miami locals even wake up in the morning, at 8am, get themselves ready, and go to Club Space. The venue is madness all around, and it’s where you want to go if you want to truly go top speed for a night.

Despite that, Club Space is a less popular crawl location than other venues. The club is not within crawling distance of any other bars or nightclubs, and the overwhelmingly intense atmosphere is generally not preferred by the casual crawler. Nevertheless, for the right occasions, Miami Pregame Pub Crawl will bus people to Club Space for an amazing night of debauchery. It’s where we spent New Year’s Eve 2013! Club Space Miami is open on Fridays and Saturdays.

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